Real Estate on the Coastside

Miles of white sandy beaches...Redwood forests, beautiful state parks, fields of wild flowers and hiking and biking trails along ocean bluffs and mountain ridges as far as the eye can see—all this, and its proximity to Silicon Valley and San Francisco has kept the Coastside real estate market healthy. Properties range from original farms dating back to the 1800s to 6,000 square-foot homes on a top-rated golf course overlooking the Pacific Ocean. There’s no doubt, the Half Moon Bay Coastside is a great place to live.

For real estate listings, you can also check the local community newspaper, Half Moon Bay Review.

Residential development and tourism development along the Half Moon Bay area caters to the executive lifestyle. The median priced home is in the $850,000 range, with most new and golf course homes in the $900,000 to $1,500,000 range.

Click here to download demographics for the Half Moon Bay area located in Northern California. 

Below is an extensive listing of real estate agents as well as contractors, appraisers and many other service providers to help with your home on the Coastside.